XConfessions brings real-life dreams to the display screen.

Boat Buddies with Advantages (X-Confessions Volume 3)

Don’t mix company and pleasure…! Exactly just exactly just How times that are many we heard this warning? While attempting to tackle the impossible task of earning cash from a classic 70s ship, our protagonists keep a healthier distance from one another. But at the conclusion of the afternoon, after all of the time and effort, whenever just the sun therefore the

A in the Garden of Eden (X-Confessions Volume 3 weekend)

Prompted by an anonymous account of a lady whom fucked her vegan guru, this intercourse documentary presents Clarke Kent, a fruitarian adult performer, sharing their unique point of take on nourishment and intercourse with Spanish star Samia Duarte. A film that is delightful of sun, nature and juices of each and every sort.

Motherfucker (X-Confessions Amount 2)

Samantha Bentley and Franck Franco make a couple that is gorgeous this confession about intercourse when you?re a moms and dad. Printed in Spanish, these anonymous article writers tell tales of these different quickies plus the information on having frantic, passionate intercourse when the children are away for some mins. Taken to life by these talented

Handbook del Placer (X-Confessions amount 2)

Amarna and Kristopher return for the next intercourse game influenced because of the XCONFESSIONS post “Manual del Placer”. A blindfolded Amarna knows exactly what she wants as she whispers to Kristopher every step in a manual of pleasure: from kissing and sucking, to licking and teasing with a vibrator, finally culminating in an intense in this film

Search Me Personally, Catch Me, Eat Me (X-Confessions Volume 2)

This brief features handmade fetish masks by Cecilia Lundqvist, and real-life performing couple Alexa and Joel Tomas, while they have pleasure in a beautifully sinister game of predator and victim: “My gf and I also have intercourse game: we want to imagine we’re pets. We now have costumes and masks, we wear our identities and play. Often

Decorate (X-Confessions Volume 2)

Misha and Geri perform a couple of having a peaceful evening in together, until she chooses to try out their really macho look … with interestingly hot outcomes: ”I once dated a lady whom liked to see me get a get a get a cross gown. I experienced never ever done any such thing enjoy it prior to, but I became in love with her, and so I didn’t

Do you realy Find my feet(X-Confessions that are suckable 2)

Two college pupils find a provided passion, and abandon their studies for the erotic base fetish game into the collection: ”Very timidly we sat close to her and stated hello. She astonished me personally when you’re good, and also asked if we liked her nail enamel, then her foot. She asked if i’d offer

Meet me personally into the Stockroom (X-Confessions amount 2)

Charming, real-life performing couple Alexa and Joel Tomas return for the funny twist in the workplace love in Meet Me within the Stockroom. The sole man in a workplace packed with ladies gets an anonymous note on their birthday celebration stating that she’ll simply simply take their virginity: “She texted me personally, saying she possessed a ?special shock? for

The skill of Spanking (X-Confessions Volume 2)

In this stunning film that is short with dark 1920s glamour and burlesque, Luke Hotrod and Carol Vega will blow you away due to their performance of the confession. The Art of Spanking by renowned erotic artist Milo Manara, he begins to obsess about this new realm after a man indulges himself and buys the graphic novel

Couchsurfer (X-Confessions Amount 2)

Meet Mischa, a couchsurfing host whom lives to please her visitors, and suggest to them the finest components of her town. Then when high, geeky-sexy Max comes to her apartment, you can easily bet he won?t be resting regarding the sofa! ”When he joined my loft, we saw a high son with a backpack, and hot

You are known by us are Viewing (X-Confessions Amount 2)